The value of Runology was confirmed in a large German survey.

In the previous article, we´ve made an introduction to our valued Co-creators community. We want to be evidence-led, and that is why product development and later fast iterations are key for us to succeed. We are building our operations around this.

Runology is built with the intention of improving every step runners do, focusing on the quality of it and not necessarily quantity. Sometimes is better to have one training less to recover and not to get injured on the next one. In the big Central European survey with more than 10 000 participants, we have learned, that more than half of runners during a year have 4+ weeks without training and thus do what they love.

Also, since only around 10% of hobby runners with performance aspiration has a tailor-made training plan, a lot of them struggle to achieve their aspiration time on a key event of the year or even stagnate in performance in a year. That is very frustrating.

We wanted to learn about how are the German runners doing in this. We´ve launched a survey where we got almost 1000 responses, so valid sample.

What did we learn?

1_ 75% of them took part in a race, however only 13% of them has a personalized training plan


2_ more than 22% didn´t achieve the time aspiration they wanted at their 2022 top event

3_ even if they wanted to improve their performace over the year 2022, more than 42% stagnated or even dropped in performance.

4_ More than 70% of runners couldn´t run for one month or more weeks, including to lack of motivation or pain related to overtraining.

Looking ahead:

5_ 83% wants to participate on a running event in 2023

6_ 85% has a certain time result aspiration on this racing event in 2023 again.


All in all, Germany proved too, that people who participate in running events, want to improve, however, due to an unprofessional/not personalized/not 360 approach to running millions are not meeting their time expectations and stagnating or even declining in performance. Or even worse, more than half has to be away from running for a month or more.  

And we are working on not to keep the (not only) German runners in this vicious circle for too long.

Thank you Co-creators!

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