The first running app,

which looks at how you run and creates a comprehensive training plan for you.

In App Store and Google Play from June 2023.

90% Total score

Every running step matters

The first running app that analyses your running form and creates a comprehensive training plan, which evaluates the risks of your running style, suggests exercises to correct it, and sets up running workouts with as much intensity as your body can handle.

A unique virtual running coach, who:

  • will look at how you run and tell you what you need to improve

  • will set up a training system respecting your lifestyle and time

  • will accompany you on the way to your running dreams in a way that will entertain, delight and motivate you.

Stay informed

In App Store and Google Play from June 2023.


We hear your voice

Help us co-create the app and become a member of our community of testers.

In addition to the fact that you will be able to give feedback on the functionality of the app during its development process, we have a unique advantage for you:

the first 10,000 members of the RUNology community will receive FREE lifetime access


Investor's zone

We are currently in the phase of creating an MVP, which we will launch on the market in March 2023.

We are working on the development and improvement of technology for automated analysis of running technique and a coaching intelligence system that combines the latest knowledge of running coaches, physiotherapists, specialists in biomechanical analysis, conditioning and strength trainers.


If you are interested in and are interested in more information, please contact us and we will send you our pitch deck right away.



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