The first running app,

which looks at how you run and creates a comprehensive training plan for you.

In App Store and Google Play from June 2023.


90% Total score


Every running step matters

The first running app that analyses your running form and creates a comprehensive training plan, which evaluates the risks of your running style, suggests exercises to correct it, and sets up running workouts with as much intensity as your body can handle.

A unique virtual running coach, who:

  • will look at how you run and tell you what you need to improve

  • will set up a training system respecting your lifestyle and time

  • will accompany you on the way to your running dreams in a way that will entertain, delight and motivate you.

In App Store and Google Play from June 2023.


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Investor's zone

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our app on June 1st, 2023, which has quickly emerged as one of the fastest growing health and fitness apps. Within just 24 hours, we achieved an impressive milestone of 2000+ downloads also because of strong launch presence at Frauenlauf Run in Vienna.

As we strive to optimize the user journey within the app, aiming for even higher conversion rates, we have established our operations at the prestigious Arondo Business Hub in Munich, Germany. This strategic move allows us to strengthen our market presence in the DACH region and propel Runology towards becoming the go-to habit-changing product in DACH, Europe, and beyond.

We extend an invitation to smart investors who are eager to be a part of our exciting journey. If you possess the expertise and resources to help us realize our ambitious aspirations faster and reap the benefits alongside us, we encourage you to reach out. Together, we can shape the future of Runology and make a significant impact in the health and fitness industry.


If you are interested in and are interested in more information, please contact us and we will send you our pitch deck right away.



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