Meet the mastermind behind the RUNology app

What led Peťa Pukalovičová to create RUNology app? What did she and her team manage to achieve with the RUNology 1.0? Why did she decide to upgrade to version 2.0? What is her message to the running community?

Peti, what was the idea behind the RUNology app? Why did you create it?

Running has been an integral part of my life for the past 12 years. But I have to say that I am not a professional athlete. I don't have a sports background (rather artistic) and I started my running only in adulthood. I was lucky - I got into the running community, where the coach taught me from the beginning the correct running technique and explained how to save energy while running. Thanks to that, I can now run injury-free, while achieving decent times in various distances.

During the years of running, I have met many skilled running and fitness coaches and physiotherapists. Thanks to conversations and cooperation with them, I began to understand more about the body - how it works, why it is so important to strength train and do prehab compensatory exercises in addition to running. With that being said, I realize that not every runner has the access to a running community or skilled coaches. 

My vision is to change this and make it possible for every runner to have access to the knowledge about running and training. Through the RUNology app, I want to give runners a coach that will help them achieve their running goals, prevent injury, and improve their running technique.

What did you and your team achieve with the first version of the app, RUNology 1.0? 

In the first version of the RUNology app, we focused on additional exercises to running. In the app you can find hundreds of exercises created specifically for runners and their needs.Thanks to these exercises, runners can improve their technique, build strength and speed, or choose one of many workouts created to prevent the most common running injuries. So far, more than 2,000 people have downloaded the app! That confirms how interested runners are in this topic. 

On the other hand, based on feedback from runners, we realized that runners are runners first :) Meaning that they would love to have this type of content in addition to running training plans. And so the vision for RUNology 2.0 was created.

What are your goals with the version 2.0?

In RUNology 2.0, our user gets a running coach with a complex training plan

The app will take into account runners' physical predisposition, running history, lifestyle, and time options. We are creating the so-called “coaching intelligence system”, which we currently feed with the latest knowledge about running technique, movement biomechanics, about exercises to prevent injuries, and also about methods of creating running plans for various levels of runners. Most of this knowledge is currently only available in specialized centers and costs a lot of money, which means not every runner can afford it or has an acces to it. We want to make this know-how available through the app to every enthusiastic runner - hobby or professional, or anywhere in between. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are creating the first app that will “look” at how you run and based on that will create a complex training plan specific to you and your needs. It will consider injury risk based on your running technique, suggest exercises to correct it, and suggest a running plan with the intensity that your body can handle.

What will be the difference between RUNology 2.0 and other running or training apps?

What sets us apart from other apps is our focus on the quality of movement = the way a runner runs. Not the quantity = the number of kilometers runners logs in. At RUNology, we believe that every running step matters. Thus, the main focus of our methodology is the quality of running technique. The core consists of automated analysis of running technique, combined with information that the users tell us about themselves. Based on these data, our coaching intelligence system can create a personalized training plan for the user, which will consist of not only the running plan, but also exercises to build strength, speed, improve movement economics and prevent injuries

We are an “all-in-one” training solution that combines the work of movement analysts, physiotherapists, running and strength trainers, and motivational coaches.

What are your aspirations?

We developed a unique technology and thanks to which RUNology 2.0 will become the first app that can analyze running technique from a video recorded by its user with his mobile phone. With this technology, we will get information about the runner that will help us create a comprehensive, personalized training plan. A complex app like this, that combines analysis of running technique, compensatory prehab exercises and running plans, does not exist on the market - not yet. Our goal is to make this technology available to as many runners as possible. We naturally started on the Slovak and Czech market, where we want to get as much feedback from runners as possible. Next step is to break through with the app in countries west of our borders - primarily in German-speaking countries.

Do you have any message for the running community?

We are currently developing, setting up and testing the entire app. Feedback from the running community is extremely important to us. Based on the feedback, we can modify the app and add important features. With that being said, I would like to invite each and every one of you to become a member of our community of testers, thus to become a co-creator of RUNology 2.0.

All you need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire.(tu rovno link na to)

Thank you for your time Peťa. 

We are looking forward to RUNology 2.0!