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How to Record Your Video Easily:

We've made it simple for you to get started with Runology.app's running technique analyses. Check out our how to video and follow the steps. It’s easy!

The Outcome: Five Running Technique Parameters Analyzed:

  1. Vertical Oscillation:

Vertical oscillation refers to the up-and-down movement of the body while running. Excessive vertical oscillation can lead to energy wastage and reduce running efficiency. The Runology.app analysis examines your vertical oscillation to identify any areas for improvement, helping you conserve energy and run more efficiently.

  1. Running Posture:

A proper running posture is crucial for maintaining balance and stability while reducing the risk of strain and injuries. The Runology.app evaluates your running posture to ensure you maintain a stable and efficient form during your runs.

  1. Arm Swing:

The movement of your arms plays a significant role in your overall running technique. Efficient arm swing can help maintain balance, momentum, and stride length. The Runology.app analysis looks at your arm swing to optimize its contribution to your running efficiency.

  1. Rebound:

The take-off phase is when your foot leaves the ground to begin the next stride. Proper take-off is vital for a smooth and efficient running motion. By evaluating your take-off technique, Runology.app can provide guidance on how to maximize your stride length and reduce the risk of injury.

  1. Foot Strike:

Foot strike refers to how your foot contacts the ground during each stride. There are various foot strike patterns, and each can affect your running performance differently. The Runology.app analysis examines your foot strike to ensure it aligns with your running goals and reduces stress on your joints.

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